Turning Basin Capital is a private equity firm with a unique focus on lower middle market companies that cater to the energy sector.  We believe this is an underserved market segment abounding with attractive businesses that are well-positioned to benefit from the overall growth and evolution of the domestic energy market.  We are focused on aligning ourselves with the strongest management teams in this sector, who can take advantage of our experience in growing businesses to achieve an even greater market position and value.

The firm was formed in 2013 as an affiliate of investment bank Ewing Bemiss & Co.  Ewing Bemiss had established a strong reputation and a leading position in the energy sector through 16 years of advising energy companies with respect to mergers, acquisitions, and capital formation transactions.  Ewing Bemiss also had a highly successful track record as a principal investor focused on lower middle-market transactions in a wide range of industries.

The principals of Turning Basin Capital have a collective 50 years of collective experience working with privately-held companies in the energy sector as advisors and investors.  Turning Basin Capital was formed in order to capitalize on this extensive experience by partnering with entrepreneurial companies in the energy sector, providing the capital and strategic advice needed to achieve their objectives, and by bringing attractive investment opportunities in the energy sector to its investors.

The firm will continue to focus on energy related opportunities that benefit from the attractive long term characteristics and macro trends driving change and growth in the energy and power sectors:

  • The energy market is large and growing both domestically and globally,
  • The emergence of technologies and newly discovered resources are changing the way energy is produced and consumed,
  • Innovative techniques are making vast non-conventional domestic oil and gas reserves accessible, paving the way for greater energy independence,
  • The ever changing regulatory environment, driven by concerns over global warming, is improving opportunity for a broad range of energy services,
  • Natural resources will always be in demand, and maximizing the efficient utilization of these resources will always be paramount.

Unlike most energy related private equity firms that focus on either “cleantech” venture capital investments or massive energy infrastructure projects, Turning Basin Capital is focused on lower middle market companies in the energy sector, with established revenue, profitability and market positions.   Historically, acquisitions of lower middle market companies comprise the vast majority of all transactions; however, this market segment is traditionally not well-served by mainstream institutional private capital providers.  Turning Basin Capital is focused on addressing this significant market need with a patient, long-term investment approach.