Electric Transmission and Distribution

Retirements of coal fired electric generation, aging infrastructure, grid modernization initiatives, and a wave of impending retirements by utility personnel are all causing a renewed focus on electric transmission and distribution assets.

Distributed and renewable generation, load shifting and advances in grid communication and monitoring, are all placing greater demands on electric transmission and distribution networks.  After decades of spending on power generation assets, utilities are turning their attention and capital to the aging transmission and distribution infrastructure.  As our nation’s electric grid becomes more dynamic and the threat of cyber-attacks increases, utilities are re-focused on reliability initiatives related to the grid.   Overlaying all of these trends is an aging engineering and utility workforce, resulting in a drain of institutional knowledge from the largest energy companies.

We are focused on companies providing products or services that help improve electric reliability and security, that facilitate the development of new transmission infrastructure, and that help offset the loss of talent and expertise as key components of the utility workforce reach retirement age.