Power Generation

Regulatory change, the gradual transition from coal to natural gas, the emergence of distributed and renewable power generation models, and the growing influence of consumer choice are some of the issues affecting power producers today.

The power generation sector, long a model of consistency and resistance to change, is undergoing long-term transformation.  The gradual shift from a dependence on coal to natural gas and renewable energy sources and the change in energy consumption habits are driving the power generation market to focus on smaller power generation facilities.  The growing acceptance of distributed generation and the related technology to dispatch those facilities is creating a need for services that are different than those traditionally offered.  Couple those factors with increased greenhouse gas regulations and the demand for compliance and reliability related products and services is growing.

We seek companies that provide services and equipment to this important sector.  These companies are increasingly important as power producers seek to keep up with new technologies and new greenhouse gas regulations, and seek to operate in an increasingly competitive environment.  We are also focused on companies that provide products and services that enable industrial consumers of energy to improve their access to efficient and reliable power.