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  • Power Generation

    Regulatory change and the emergence of distributed and renewable power generation models are affecting power producers today.

  • Upstream Oil and Gas Development and Production

    Advancements in drilling and frac’ing techniques are driving a renaissance in domestic oil and gas production.

  • Midstream Oil and Gas

    The recent boom in domestic oil and gas production creates the need for infrastructure-related services and development.

  • Electric Transmission and Distribution

    Retirements of coal-fired electric generation, aging infrastructure, and other factors are causing a renewed focus on T&D assets.

We invest in and grow companies that are leading providers of products and services related to the operation, maintenance and installation of energy assets and other critical infrastructure.  Our companies’ offerings address critical customer needs such as improving their efficiency and productivity, gaining access to needed skills and expertise, enhancing environmental compliance, and facilitating a safe work environment for their employees.  We are focused on the broad spectrum of critical infrastructure, with particular interest and expertise in the sectors above.