ShalePro Energy Services, LLC (formerly Basin Energy Group) is a holding company formed to acquire leading field service companies serving midstream operators and producers in the Appalachian Basin.  ShalePro’s four operating subsidiaries provide a wide range of operating and maintenance services through a workforce of approximately 300 employees located throughout the Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia shale gas region.



In February 2018, Turning Basin Capital and Vigeo Investments acquired Pinnacle Manufacturing.   Pinnacle, based in Boaz, Alabama, manufactures and refurbishes tanks and containers used for the storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous solids and liquids.  Pinnacle’s tanks and containers are used in a wide range of applications, including industrial cleaning, environmental remediation, infrastructure construction, waste water treatment and disposal, and upstream oil and gas development.  Pinnacle is a platform investment in the manufactured products market targeting the energy, environmental and industrial sectors.



In April 2016, Turning Basin Capital acquired BBB Tank Services.  BBB, based in Baytown, Texas, provides maintenance and repair services, replacement seals, application of protective coatings and new construction to the above-ground storage tank (“AST”) market.  BBB is a platform investment in the downstream energy infrastructure services market.



In April 2019, Turning Basin Capital acquired Liberty Flare LLC.   Liberty, based in Baclif, Texas, provides maintenance and repairs, inspections and installations of flare and combustion equipment.  The Company’s customer base consists of refineries, chemical plants, midstream terminals and other industrial facilities in the Gulf region.  Liberty is a platform investment in the niche services sector targeting the downstream and midstream energy and industrial sectors nationwide